Insider Secrets That Allow The "Little Guy" To Profit As The Economy Crumbles...

Is It Wrong To Make Money This Easily During Economic Hard Times?

I’ve never found a better tool for making money in a depression or even a total collapse. In fact, the worse the next financial bloodbath is... the better you’ll do.

  Tax Lien Secrets

    What's More...
    • This Investment is Not Affected By The Interest Rate Set By Federal Reserve Bankers...
    • This Unique Investment Does Not Go Up And Down Like The Dangerous Wall Street Rollercoaster...
    • Washington Insiders Absolutely Can Not Manipulate This Investment...

    And In The Extremely Rare Case Where It Does "Go South"
    You Actually End Up With More Money In Your Pocket!

    You may be shaking your head in disbelief right now.

    I know I was when I first heard about this.

    I want to assure you, this investment is very real, it’s easy to do and it is available to anyone with a relatively small amount of money to invest. You can start with as little as $500 or $1,000. You can do it from the comfort of your own home if you have access to a fast Internet connection.

    However, because it’s a rather rare and unusual way to make money, it doesn't pay commissions to bankers and brokers. And since they can't make money off of you by selling you this investment... they’ll never tell you about it.

    That's the reason why you may have never heard of it... until now.

    Here's the deal:

    If you get sick to your stomach when you look at your 401(k) account...

    ... And you don't know where else to put your hard-earned money because you see the stock market about to crash...

    ... And you believe the government's economic policy of "bailouts-for-bankers" will destroy America...

    Then You NEED To
    Know About This Investment!

    They're called "tax liens."

    You can buy them directly from any of the 3,700 county governments in the country.

    More importantly, the value of your investment does not fluctuate like bonds, stocks or real estate. In fact, you are guaranteed by law to receive the full amount of principal and interest when your tax lien matures.

    Also, your money isn't "tied up" for a long time. Tax liens are redeemable anywhere between six months to three years... depending on which county you buy them from.

    What Are Tax Liens Exactly?

    Simply put, in order for a county government to run smoothly... they need to pay for its police force, fire department, hospital staff, road maintenance, sanitation crew and so on and so forth.

    Most of the money they use to pay public workers comes from... collecting property taxes.

    However, not everyone pays taxes on time. And because of the deteriorating economy, more and more folks are not paying property taxes at all!

    So in order to collect their money as quickly as possible (they want to ensure they have enough to pay their staff)... local governments will auction off unpaid tax bills in exchange for big annual returns. Like 16%, 18%... even up to 24% in some states.

    What this means is...

    As an investor, you can pay off someone's property tax to help out a county... and get a nice return for your trouble!

    Now, you may be asking...

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    How Can The County Possibly Afford Paying Such High Interest?!

    It's quite simple, actually. They don't pay it. They get the homeowner who's late on taxes to pay you the interest.

    You see, there are really only two reasons why a county would offer tax liens.

    One, they simply need the money. No ifs, ands or buts.

    And two, they'll do anything to make sure they get paid on time! And that means penalizing late taxpayers with high interest rates... even though they don't make a single cent from it.

    They just really, really want the property tax revenues on THEIR schedule.

    At this point, you may be asking yourself something...

    What If The Homeowner Never
    Pays Off His Late Property Tax?

    The answer will surprise you...

    Because in this "worst case scenario"... the county will foreclose on the property... and you can actually get the property free and clear!

    That's right. The county will wipe clean the mortgages and other debts on the property... and hand it over to you on a silver platter!

    Basically, you will get a house for the same price you invested in the tax lien -- even if you only invested a couple hundred bucks!

    Of course, this rarely happens. Most homeowners won't give up their house over not paying their taxes. And secondly, the bank would be on top of this and make sure it doesn't happen. But in rare situations, it happens. And when it does, it will be like you just won the jackpot.

    In some ways, it almost sounds like tax liens are a 100% risk-free investment.

    The only time where you lose money is if... for some strange reason... the value of the property falls below the property tax bill and it's foreclosed on.

    Then you're left with a property worth less than what you paid for it. But consider this... property taxes are usually 2-5% of the home value. So the house value would have to drop 95% or more in order for your investment to become a loss.

    Can Tax Liens Be The Investment You're Looking For In a Downward Economic Spiral?

    Tax Lien Insider

    My name is Bill Heid. As the owner of Powerful Living, I travel the globe in search of valuable information and products for my customers. You may have seen my ads on TV, Radio, and websites all over the Internet.

    I help Americans prepare for the worst. And that includes doing whatever is necessary to take care of your family during a time of crisis. I've sold and continue to sell personal seed banks, no-fuel cookers and solar generators.

    There are many reasons why I think "tax liens" offer what I consider to be a once in a lifetime opportunity to profit as we morph into what many economists have called the Greater Depression. Here are just a few trends that make the conditions for this investment play nothing short of outstanding :

    Unemployment continues to climb. Despite government efforts to manipulate the statistics real unemployment remains close to 22% making it harder and harder for the 26 million Americans now out of work to pay their property taxes.

    Personal bankruptcies are exploding. Bankruptcy filings are up 15% as almost 2 million Americans a year are now filing for bankruptcy. Will these folks be able to cover their property taxes? The answer seems obvious enough.

    Bad news from Walmart. Walmart execs are now revealing that many of their customers are living on food stamps and other government benefits for sustenance. Many U.S. customers now come to Walmart at midnight as their benefit cards get "activated" to buy milk, bread and diapers. Is it likely these Americans who live paycheck to paycheck, but are still hanging on to own their homes will be able to cover this year's property taxes?

    Personal income is dropping like a rock. Personal income ( if you subtract government give-a-ways) is 500 billion dollars less than it was 20 months ago. According to USA Today "Paychecks from private business shrank to their smallest share of personal income in U.S. history. A record low of 41.9 % of the nation's personal income came from private business." This trend is just not sustainable and will make it harder and harder for Americans with falling incomes to cover the property taxes they owe.

    One last thought... 26 million Americans are now without jobs(many living on unemploymet benefits about to expire) and millions more by necessity are exhausting their savings as they live week to week.

    This means delinquent property tax levels may soon rise to the highest level in US history leaving tax lien investors in for a massive windfall never before seen in the world of tax lien investing.


    When I heard about tax liens at an economic forum in Belize earlier this year... I knew I had to get this information into the hands of my friends in the Patriot movement -- as quickly as possible.

    That's why I created "Tax Lien Secrets".

    What I've done for you is pour hundreds of hours into researching, learning and putting together a package of materials for you.

    It will provide you with enough information on tax liens so you can start investing in them in as little as one week.

    There is nothing else quite like it available.

    You won't find much information on tax lien investing at your local library, bookstore or online.

    What is out there can cost you anywhere from $297 to $1,995 for a course put out by a "guru" or expert.

    The good news is, you won't have to spend anything remotely close to those prices with the package I've prepared for you. It will be a small fraction of what they are asking for.

    But first, I want to tell you...

    Exactly What You Get In
    "Tax Lien Secrets"

    1. The core 109-page guide packed full of clear, useful information on how to start investing in tax liens almost immediately. It includes steps, checklists and hard-to-find resources.

      You'll know exactly what to do to start making money in tax liens after reviewing this guide.

    2. A 54-page handbook with details and important facts about each of the fifty states. With this handy resource, you will be able to quickly review and choose which state to invest in, and which ones not to.

      (Several counties hold tax lien auctions online, now. So you can easily do this at home with an Internet connection).

    3. A 172-page directory listing out the address information, phone number and website for all 3,700 county courthouses.

      Digging up all the contact information for every county in the U.S. would take you hours and hours of manual labor -- literally weeks of your time! But I've already done the homework for you. It's all organized in the directory you'll get with the complete Tax Lien Secrets program.

    Here's A Preview Of What's Inside...


    How to bid with confidence - Tax liens are sold to investors via auction. I'll show you how to register, make deposits and bid. You'll know exactly what to do at the county auction or website.
    The seven methods of bidding - Each County has a different bidding method. There are seven different methods in total. I'll share the pros and cons of each one... and how they affect your bid.
    How to calculate your "walk-away" price - Here's my strategy for always walking away with a profitable investment. Without it, you could end up paying too much!
    Everything you need to know about researching a tax lien - We'll look at all the different parts of a tax lien investment and how to analyze each part.
    My simple 8-step process to tax lien investing that takes you from the first day of research to the moment you get a check in the mail
    Online auction "road map" - There are four major websites where you can bid on tax liens in various counties. I'll show you the ten most important things to look for and where to look for them.
    How to visit your property's neighborhood without stepping out of your front door! You can quickly see if the tax lien you're bidding on is on a property in a bad neighborhood or not. In the event you end up owning the property, you want to make sure it's in a nice place.
    Six secret websites to "reverse engineer" your property's value - You want to know the property attached to your tax lien is worth money. Here are six websites that can get you a very good approximation of its value.
    Never bid on a dud! Here are nine pieces of information you should get on every tax lien before you make a single bid.
    How to narrow down your list of counties in 5 minutes - There are 3,700 counties in the U.S.... and thousands of tax liens being offered in each one at any given time. That's overwhelming! With my simple three-step process, you can get rid of up to 90% of them and only focus on the most profitable tax liens for you.

    "How Much Will This Cost Me?"

    Many tax lien courses out there go for as much as $297 to $1997. In fact, the foremost expert in tax liens charges $5,000 for his three-day seminar.

    And for all I know, their information may be very good.

    However, I like to bootstrap my way through life, as most of my customers do. We value good, old fashioned work, independence and getting our hands dirty. We grow our own food in our garden. We have a backup generator so we don't rely on the grid.

    With "Tax Lien Secrets", I've stripped it bare to the bones so you get as much information as you need to start making money and nothing more.

    I did not tape myself reading the guide so I could charge you extra money. I did not throw in unnecessary DVDs to waste your time. I did not add extra "fluff".

    I simply put together a solid package of materials with everything you need to know to start investing in tax liens as soon as possible.

    If we were to put a value on the core guide, state handbook and county directory separately, I could easily charge $97 altogether.

    However, I am making it available to you in a package for the low and reasonable investment of $57.

    What's more... because you are a valued and cherished customer, for the first 90 days of this guide's release, I will take an additional $10 off... so you only need to invest $47 to get started.

    Look at it this way. If you were to invest in just ONE tax lien certificate at $500... and only received a 16% return, you will have more than doubled your money already. (16% of $500 equals $80)

    Unconditional Lifetime Guarantee!

    "Tax Lien Secrets" comes with an unconditional lifetime guarantee. I want you to be completely satisfied with your investment.

    Because this opportunity may come only once in our lifetime and because we believe this book is the single best resource for explaining how to achieve extraordinary profits from tax liens in a depression or breakdown... this book is being sold with the most amazing guarantee in the world. Check this out:

    Follow the simple instructions in the book as directed. Then, sit back and watch your tax lien investment grow in value each and every day. You will be thrilled with your new insider knowledge.

    However, if you don't make remarkable," above market" returns... if you don't feel you have made the most secure, high yielding investment ever... if, in your lifetime, you are not totally satisfied with the results the book shows you how to achieve... just send it back with a note and some evidence that you at least tried the tax lien system and Powerful Living will immediately send you back the money you paid for the book (less shipping and handling of course) with no questions and no hassles.

    And guess what? This is not a 10-day guarantee. This is not a 30-day guarantee. This is not a 90-day guarantee. No. This is a lifetime guarantee! How can Powerful Living make such a guarantee? How can they offer a lifetime guarantee?

    Well, you can only make this type of guarantee if you are 100% certain your book is going to show small investors how to make safe, smart investments in tax liens, even during the coming market crash and financial bloodbath that will destroy the wealth of millions of Americans. As conditions worsen, this could be a once in a lifetime opportunity. So don't miss out.

    Get your copy now. Simply click on the button below. You will be taken to an order page where you can fill in your credit card information on a secure website. Within minutes, you will then be taken to a private website where you can order "Tax Lien Secrets".

    County Tax Liens May Be
    The Last Investment In America
    That's Safe, Secure And Pays Real Returns

    Do you remember when government bonds actually paid out a decent interest?

    Or when our dollar was made of real silver and backed by physical gold in Fort Knox?

    Or how about when American corporations took care of its shareholders with regular, sizable dividends?

    I do. And sadly, all three of those things no longer exist.

    When you invest in tax liens, you are not only making a decent return on your money... you are also putting funds into American communities everywhere that need it to pay their police, firemen, roadwork and the like.

    Remember, tax liens are also protected by law. You are guaranteed to receive the full amount of your principal and interest. They are not affected by whatever Wall Street, the Fed or the White House is doing. In fact, they don’t dare touch these “cash strapped” counties only way of securing funds to operate.

    And in the "worst case scenario", you actually end up purchasing a house for 3 - 10 cents on the dollar. (Do you think it would be hard to sell a house at 50% below market value... and make back your money quickly?)

    Legally, I can't come out and say investing in tax liens is "risk-free". (Folks, nothing in life is risk free.) But it sure comes close.

    Invest in "Tax Lien Secrets" today and get instant access right away...


    Bill Heid

    P.S. After I learned you could “lock-in” such high returns with tax liens, I told a few friends and got them all worked up about it. I probably got a little carried away and promised them I would not sell the information within 50 miles of the Carroll County courthouse where I live.

    P.S.S. I also hope you can see that this investment doesn't really take advantage of anyone and in reality buys precious time for the home owner. Your own tax lien investments could ultimately help many families hold onto their homes. What could be better than a high yielding "win-win?"

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